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Blocking & Lighting: Super Bundle Buy Bundle (30 videos) Blocking & Lighting: Super Bundle
All you need to know about blocking and lighting techniques 37 Lessons 5+ hours of instructional videos Blocking and Lighting Masterclass is the ultimate compendium of techniques behind blocking and lighting. A huge part of what makes an exceptional director and cinematographer is blocking. This in part is ignited in the script and the direction supplied by the director to understand not just where the actors will move, but defining the emotion that guides them. This course was handcrafted by Shane Hurlbut, ASC to open your mind to cardinal theories, so you can realize that your blocking is also based on your lighting setup. This helps you determine where to correctly place the camera and lights. This Blocking Masterclass provides you with the fundamentals necessary to take and apply to your work, and turn something ordinary to extraordinary. If you’ve ever thought Blocking was a daunting task, this course will shine a light on various creative techniques. We use gimbals, dollies, and both handheld and static cameras to facilitate the blocking and the actors' performances to take your creation to a whole other level.
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