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Commercial Directing: What Nobody Talks About Buy Collection Commercial Directing: What Nobody Talks About

Discover what they don’t tell you about working with clients and agencies!

  • 4 Lessons

  • 47 minutes of instructional videos

Commercial Directing: What No One Talks About fills in all the gaps in terms of successfully working with the client.

This commercial directing field guide includes all of the essential ways to build a treatment that won’t only satisfy clients but absolutely blow them away. You’ll discover best practices in pitching ideas and how to design presentations that will have agencies salivating! You’ll even learn effective ways to pitch and scout locations for your commercial shoot.

Shane Hurlbut, ASC pulls back the curtain and reveals the best-kept secrets of Hollywood with a series of tutorials that will give you a significant edge over the competition! Prepare to uncover the keys to success.

  • Detailed Written Breakdowns

  • Original Location Scouting Photographs

  • Storyboards

  • English Subtitles Included  

Module 1 — Commercial Directing: What Nobody Talks About

  • The Secret Behind Successful Treatments

  • How To Successfully Pitch a Location

  • Ways to Optimize Efficiency

  • The Keys to Getting Hired

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USD $129.00