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Script To Screen: A Cinematographer's Guidebook Buy Collection Script To Screen: A Cinematographer's Guidebook

From script to location to blocking, discover how to bring your words to life!

  • 22 Lessons

  • 5+ hours of instructional videos

Script To Screen: A Cinematographer's Guidebook walks you through how Shane Hurlbut, ASC preps his projects. Using the film Deadfall as a reference, Shane demonstrates the challenges of your location, like constantly changing light. 

This is a masterclass in cinematography prep. Starting with the location and tech scout, you’ll learn what to look for in a location, how to prep for a scout, what to include in your scouting kit, and how you collaborate with the director for the blocking process. 

Next, you’ll find how to emulate the late afternoon light and control sunlight for interiors while casting that delicate dusk quality. Then, Shane explains when to go for the close-up and how to block, break rules, and unite your team to deliver your project from script to screen!

  • Detailed written breakdowns 

  • Top-down Blocking & Lighting schematics 

  • Camera breakdown templates

  • Script pages

  • Lighting list templates

  • Camera list templates 

  • Shot list templates

  • Storyboards

  • Side-by-side comparisons

  • English subtitles included 

Module 1 — Location Scouting

  • Location Scouting: Walkthrough with the Director: Deadfall 

  • Camera Blocking and Setting Up the Scene: Deadfall

  • Location Scouting: Theory and Production Design: Deadfall

  • Location Scouting: My Cinematographers Scouting Toolkit

  • How To Tech Scout a Location: Deadfall 

Module 2 — Pre-Rigging  

  • How To Build a Soft Box

  • How To Rig a Soft Box

  • How To Use a Wall Spreader 

Module 3 — Production

  • How Color Temperature Sets The Mood: Deadfall

  • Know Where and Why To Place the Master Shot: Deadfall

  • How To Balance Your Rooms Ambient Light: Deadfall

  • How To Block a Scene with Actors: Deadfall

  • Finessing and Shooting the Master Shot: Deadfall

  • How To Compose and Light the Close Up: Deadfall

  • Fine-Tuning the Close-Up Lighting and Executing the Shot: Deadfall

  • How To Extend Dusk for Hours: Deadfall

  • Using Color Theory and Lighting To Recreate Dusk: Deadfall

  • How To Mimic a Police Car Light: Deadfall

  • How To Light Your Interior for Dusk: Deadfall 

  • How To Light and Lens a Two Shot: Deadfall

  • How To Light The Reverse Angle: Deadfall

  • How To Light the Close-Up for Dramatic Impact: Deadfall

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USD $249.00