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Unscripted Camera Operating: THE PLAYBOOK Buy Collection Unscripted Camera Operating: THE PLAYBOOK

Learn storytelling for unscripted television!

  • 2 Lessons

  • 30 minutes of instructional videos 

In Unscripted Camera Operating: The Playbook, Cinematographer Sherri Kauk shares her Shooter’s Playbook providing valuable insights on techniques and methodologies that she wishes that she knew when she first started her career. 

Expect to gain key insights on how to shoot reality TV. You’ll learn why it’s essential to have a specific reel for each genre or platform that you want to work within. Then, Sherri outlines the key players that have the biggest impact on delivering the story elements for post, and how to leverage those relationships in production to get the most out of your footage.

This course explores when to use Man-to-Man versus Zone coverage, the importance of moving your feet and how to get closer into the action of the moment to sculpt the story, obtaining crucial techniques for reaction shots and inserts, and getting the most out of your footage for the production. 

  • Detailed Written Breakdowns

  • English Subtitles

Module 1 — Unscripted Television

  • 01- The Fundamentals of Unscripted TV

  • 02- Introduction to Shooting Reality TV

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USD $99.00