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Color Grading: From Concept to Creation Buy Collection Color Grading: From Concept to Creation

Learn the principles of the Color Grading Pyramid through to the order of execution!

  • 7 Lessons

  • 1+ hours of instructional videos 

Color Grading: From Concept to Creation presents an in-depth view into the color grading process with master colorist David Cole. From the points of conception to execution, you will learn how to approach color grading based on the Color Grading Pyramid. 

From color balancing to establish continuity to creating mood to polish and manicure the image, David reveals how to support the story for perfection! You will learn how to work with simple and secondary tools, including shapes, tracking, and keyframe animation. Then, David demonstrates how to enhance color contrast and separation with tools like curves and tones. 

  • Detailed Written Breakdowns

  • English Subtitles

Module 1 — The Color Grading Pyramid

  • 01-Where to Start with the Color Grade

  • 02-Continuity, Shapes & Polishing Fundamentals 

Module 2 — Color Foundation

  • 03-Color Balance & Skin Tones

  • 04-Create Mood & Manicure Image to Support the Story

Module 3 — Color Balance

  • 05-Shapes, Tracking & Keyframe Animation  

Module 4 — Color Contrast 

  • 06-Shift & Enhancement with Keys & Shapes

  • 07-Color Separation with Curves & Tones

USD $249.00