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Prepping Remote Follow Focus Systems Buy Collection Prepping Remote Follow Focus Systems

Prepping Remote Follow Focus Systems


Prepare your remote follow focus systems like a pro! 

  • 8 Lessons

  • 1 hour of instructional videos 

Prepping Remote Follow Focus Systems is a comprehensive guide about how to calibrate and use various brands and models of remote follow focus systems. This will give you the confidence you need before entering into the prep day. 


  • Preston FIZ

  • ARRI Wireless Compact Unit (WCU-4)

  • Tilta Nucleus-M

Key 1st AC Derek Edwards demonstrates how to prep each device like a seasoned professional. From inside the prep room, Derek shares his expert opinion on each remote follow focus system and how to program the handsets and calibrate lenses. 

  • Detailed Written Breakdowns

  • English Subtitles

Module 1 — Preston FIZ Focus System

  • 01-How To Calibrate Preston FIZ Remote Follow Focus System

  • 02-How To Swap a Lens and Re-calibrate the Preston FIZ

  • 03-How To Program the Iris of the Preston FIZ 

  • 04-How To Calibrate a Zoom Lens with the Preston FIZ

Module 2 — ARRI Wireless Compact Unit (WCU-4)

  • How To Calibrate: ARRI WCU-4

  • How To Program Iris: ARRI WCU-4

  • How To Program Zoom: ARRI WCU-4

Module 3 — Tilta Nucleus-M Remote Follow Focus System

  • How To Calibrate: Tilta Nucleus-M

USD $129.00