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Cinematic Light Quality Masterclass Buy Video Cinematic Light Quality Masterclass

Harness each light source to craft a work of art! 

Cinematographers build successful careers based on their ability to harness and control light. Such lighting methods become your signature calling card and make you extraordinarily marketable. 

Shane Hurlbut, ASC is a master of light. For well over 30 feature films, Shane has painted some of the most iconic movie sets with everything from the largest movie lights in the business to the specialty DIY sources he builds in his backyard workshop. 

In the Cinematic Light Quality masterclass shot at Beam Studios, Shane goes even further than his world-renowned Illumination Tour Experience to share his personal lighting secrets that he has kept to himself… until now.  

“As cinematographers, we are always looking at light. This is the kind of approach to light quality that you will not learn in film school or even your first decade on set.” —Shane Hurlbut, ASC

You will learn:

  • Types of Light Quality

  • Night Interior with Shane’s prized Batten lights

  • Day Interior with Astera Water Noodle

  • Day Exterior with DIY Home Depot supplies

For the Night Interior setup, Shane lights the set for nighttime to showcase the effects of the Batten lights. 

Shane then switches into a Day Interior setup demonstrating the use of the Astera water noodle to add light to the eye for maximum effect. 

After that, Shane shows off the impressive combination of Home Depot plastic and Honey crates for a dazzling Day Exterior setup. 

Capping it all off, Shane reveals the types of light quality achieved through specific lighting techniques, diffusion, and light sources that deliver the highest quality results. 

USD $250.00